New Zealand Printer Scores with K-Supply H-UV Ink

Kale Print is a family-owned business located in Tauranga, the most populous city in the Bay of Plenty Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Established in 1984 by Directors Jill and Stephen Kale, the company reflects an ongoing generational tradition:

Stephen’s sons are printers and their daughter is a graphic designer. Starting with a staff of three in 1984, Kale now has 40 employees working from two sites, offering offset and digital printing and print finishing for a wide variety of products on various stocks. High quality, fast turnarounds and solutions to virtually every need in commercial printing are Kale’s specialties.

On Press spoke to Brent Kale, Print Production Manager, about the recent changes in printing operations and their experience with K-Supply KG-911 H-UV ink. "We had a Komori Lithrone 20 that we had outgrown, so we decided to replace it with a new half-size press to complement our eight-color Lithrone 40P perfector,” explains Mr. Kale.

Identifying the solution

"The issues that we were confronting were the downtime needed to dry printed work, marking during printing and finishing, and the delays in finishing jobs after printing while waiting for the ink to dry. After researching the latest in digital and conventional print, it became very clear to us that a five-color Komori H-UV press was the solution we were looking for. The most important factor for us was the instant drying of the jobs but still having the speed of offset printing.”

That determination paid off. "From the moment we first installed and inked up the new five-color Lithrone S29 H-UV press, we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. We are now still blown away at how much easier operation actually is,” exclaims Brent.

"Planning has become easier because you don’t have to consider waiting for the jobs to dry, makereadies are consistently fast, color is consistent — what you see on the press is what you get. There is also no dry down of color to worry about. Another advantage is that the bindery gear stays very clean because there is no ink or spray powder sticking to the rollers.”

Sharp dot and vibrant color

"The dot is so sharp that the setting up of the ISO color standards was a breeze. We match the color of the Lithrone S29 to our digital printing system and our conventional Komori. The H-UV inks may cost more than the conventional inks but the mileage is much better. In our view, the extra cost of the H-UV inks is far outweighed by all the benefits of less usage, less wastage and instant drying.”

The visual effect of H-UV inks is also significant. "We have noticed a huge improvement in the vibrancy of the ink in jobs printed on uncoated stocks thanks to the nice sharp dot,” says Brent.


Faster pace keeps the pressroom busy

The pressroom is also a happier place. "The operators are enjoying running the new machine and are consistently working hard as it’s all go. There is no downtime for drying, and makereadies are so quick that it’s a challenge to have all the stocks and plates ready to go to keep the machine pumping,” adds Brent.

Brent concludes by assessing the effect of the Lithrone S29 on Kale’s printing operations: "The Lithrone S29 sits perfectly in our business as it smashes the small jobs and is more than capable of taking work off of our eight-color Lithrone perfector. In the future, we will definitely look down the H-UV path. It is a great technology, and the support from Komori and Print and Pack Australia and New Zealand, the Komori distributor here, has been great.”

K-Supply Ink: Made expressly for Lithrone H-UV presses

KG-911 H-UV Ink is the ideal Komori standard ink for H-UV printing, developed with the know-how gained in the implementation of H-UV systems. It combines high-level hardness, print quality, flexibility and economical performance.

Article Credit: Komori On Press No. 90

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